Poems and Quotes by Ayushmann Khurrana that are Extraordinarily Beautiful

Poems and Quotes by Ayushmann Khurrana that are Extraordinarily Beautiful

Love, shuv tey Ayushmann Khurrana.

Ayushmann Khurrana is a screen name that has become a new edge definition of versatility for us.

He is an actor, singer, and poet. Not many people know this, but he successfully impacted society in the right way every ever moment. They engage, influence, and inspired with mastery of language as his ideas and emotions. This speaks volumes about how strong he is when it comes to playing with words.

He usually posts his poems and short two-liners on Twitter and Insta, and that garners a great response. These are some of his best that everyone could relate to.

And yes did you remember that video too Gentleman kise kehte hai?

PS – we are also waiting for his book that will release soon. Read his poems and let us know which one is your favourite.

To begin with…

At times, all you do is speak your heart out.

Hash one

Always look upward, no dream is small.

The sole truth

One has to be reminded to remember here.

Yes we all want this one

Remember me and you don’t even remember me.

Ye andar ki baat hai

Will mention you in every word.

Deep emotions

He strong enough to be insulted or foolish, He understands my condition, And don’t even understand.

Eco-Friendly walli

Her laughter can light up the darkest spots inside you. Her smile can brighten the atmosphere.

That sweet memory

It is because he knows every inch of you better than you do.

Does this happens to you also?

Your love is a little tough or maybe my pillow is a little soft.

And goes on

All the aspects of the city were revealed.

Friendship Truth

And we all move forward at some time.

Mistakes teach us a lot

We always become a better person when we make mistakes.

Destination is just a formality, when you’re completing it with your love once

Enjoy the very moment with the one during journey, once you reach it may fade.

Our fav

First raindrops in the soil of the house courtyard. Is always the best.

I am waiting for Ayushmann’s book, are you too?

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